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Catra crossed her arms and huffed at her wife. "And why do we 'have' to trust them? After all they've done?"

"Catra, you were a force captain in the Horde. I killed people. We weren't good people either. But we got better. Because when we tried, people were there to help us. And now they are trying to get better. For all we've been through, we have to do this."

Catra closed her eyes, wrapped her tail around her leg. Fingerless velvet gloves. A golden star with a gem in the middle. "Or we will be there to help them when they betray us and stab us in the back. They are a trickster, Adora! A manipulator! They have no reason to get better."

A short yelp from behind interrupted her. Both of them turned to the cradle, Catra silently cursing herself for having raised her voice. Finn was, luckily, still cradling their plush, and sleeping soundly. Adora gently put a hand on her kitten's shoulder. "We should go to sleep. There's time for that tomorrow."

Catra's shoulders slumped. With all the stress and having to keep her guard up, she had forgotten how tired she was. "Yeah. Yeah, let's talk about it tomorrow."

Still gentle, Adora reached down and scooped her up, carrying her to bed with a kiss. With a giggle, Catra pushed her away. "Just sleep."

"I know, I know . . ."

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