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After Horde Prime fell and Catra had finally managed to confess her feelings, there had been an awkward tension between the two. Despite sharing a room, they decided on separate beds - to Catra's disappointment, who was quite looking back to cuddling at Adora's feet again. That quickly changed at a party in Mystacor, since Adora was still as much of a lightweight drinker as she had been in the Horde. Catra quickly found out that, while she had been quite busy fingering things out about herself (with help from Scorpia and Double Trouble), Adora had drowned her feelings in work and heroism, and was embarrassingly bad at anything romance- and love-related.

In more practical terms, Catra wasn't sure what to expect from a shower with her.

Would a bath have been more suggestive? Cuddling in some warm soup, and letting their hands explore each other? She might be able to fill one up before Adora came back, but neither of them really took baths - it was one of the luxuries the Horde didn't bother with, and they never got used to them.

Catra had had a few "wet" fantasies - in both meanings of the word - since their time in the Horde, but the more she got to know that side of Adora, the less likely they seemed. It was going to be hard to convince her she actually wanted her to do that kinda stuff to her in the shower, let alone get Adora to be into it.

She started soaping up her hair. She was getting used to it, being able to put her fingers through her hair, though sometimes, she still missed the tangled birds' nest she had before. With clenched fists and a couple deep breaths, she stopped herself from remembering what happened to it.

First things first. She hadn't had anything with anyone besides Adora since they had come back together, but now that Double Trouble had showed up . . . she might not have intended for things to go that way, but she couldn't deny they were right - they still knew how to get her going. The hard part was figuring out how that was going to work now that she had a family.

The door to the bathroom creaked open after a quick knock. "Hey Catra. Uh, we gotta pick up Finn in the evening, so we should have time to talk after your shower. Should I get you some new clothes?"

"Mm, I was thinking you could come over and wash my back?"

"You can reach your back, though."

"Oh, so you don't wanna see me naked and wet?"

". . . I'll go take my clothes off, then."

Catra put the shampoo bottle back on its raft and got out of the cabin. "No you're not, you come in here right now!" she commanded, drenched as a wet cat. Shocked, Adora opened the door and peeked in.

"Catra! You're dripping all over!"

"Then you better get in here and let me take those clothes off you before the whole floor is wet!"

Grumbling under her breath, Adora hoisted her giggling wife over one shoulder and carried her back in the shower cabin.

"Why are you always like this . . . okay, let me take off my clothes and then I can-"

Knowing very well that Adora wasn't going to need said clothes anyway, Catra took the shower head, pointed it at Adora and turned the tap, drenching her while she was still talking.


"Tee hee hee!"

The next minute was mostly offended gasps from Adora while she peeled her drenched clothes off of herself, which Catra used to rinse her hair and quickly trim her claws.

"I can't believe it," Adora exclaimed, fixing up her sports bra. "Every shower with you is such a mess . . ."

"Oh noooes, if only there was a buff, tall blonde that would press me against the wall and make out with me to punish me for being such a bad kitty!" She stared right at Adora with the most shit-eating grin she had in her.

Adora's expression went on a journey. At first it was annoyed at her wet clothes, until some confusion was mixed in with Catra's statement. And despite her best efforts at keeping it stern, a cocky smile crept in from one side as she frowned at Catra.

"Oh yeah? Because I might just know someone . . ." She gently pushed her against the wall, a hand finding its way to Catra's thigh as she yelped from the cold tiles.

"Someone fun?" Catra purred back.

Adora gasped in offense. "Am I no fun?" Her hands grasped up from Catra's hips to her sensitive belly where she started tickling her, Catra laughing and trashing around but still pinned to the wall by her lover.

"Staaahp~," she yelled, and Adora did, instead hugging her close. Catra planted an awkward kiss on her lips. "You're the best, Adora."


"Shh. You are."

She could feel Adora's lips curl into a smile as she kissed her again.


The two spent an intimate minute hugging each other as the hair tangled their hair together and got it in the way of their lips, exploring each other as their hands roamed down again.

". . . fuck, why are you always like this . . ."

Catra giggled as she pulled the blonde's body against hers. "You know . . . I won't mind if you stay like this for once."

"You sure? She-Ra is more 'fun', you know . . ."

"I knooow," she grabbed Adora's hand on her hip, caressing her fingers, a ring getting tangled in her fur. "But I didn't get married to She-Ra."

". . . what did I do to deserve you . . ."

"Shhh," Catra cupped Adora's face in her paws and tilted it up so she was looking right into her blue eyes. "You deserve the world, Adora."

Even under the shower and golden tangle on her face, it was still obvious when Adora blushed. "Wasn't I supposed to be punishing you . . . ?"

"I will fight anyone who says something bad about you, Adora, and unfortunately, that includes you."

"Oh, so you think you can beat me?" Taking Catra by surprise, she grabbed her arms and spread her against the wall, furiously making out with her hairy neck. Catra meowled loudly again, wrapping her legs around Adora partially to keep the mock fight up, and partially to satisfy another urge that had been rising up in her. Adora, too distracted to think things through, took it as an opportunity to slide a leg forward on the wet shower floor, and send both of them crashing.

With a flash, Catra's fall was over as abruptly as it had started. Cautiously opening her eyes, she was being held by two strong arms, looking at a somewhat broader chest than a moment before.

". . . okay, that was stupid. Feet on the ground."

"I won't mind putting mine around your neck," Catra whispered absentmindedly as she was helped up. Adora - or was it now She-Ra? - turned off the shower and bowed down a bit to look her over.

"You okay?"

"Yeah, mostly just horny," Catra answered, coyly smiling at the taller amazon.

Adora smiled back. "It's still technically me, I guess."

Catra tried to come up with another witty comeback, but instead just grabbed Adora's blonde hair and went back to needily making out with her. For a moment, she was lost in it - Adora's taste, the touch of her hands, the feeling of those lips on hers - after so many years apart, it never ceased to get to her. And that smell . . .

"Feeling comfortable down there? Everything still soft enough?"

Catra looked up at her, biting her lip, and hooked her thumbs under her bra. "Well, guess you won't be needing your . . . She-Bra anymore?"

Adora giggled - a deep, guttural thing - and put her palms on the wall, a foot or two above Catra's head, giving her a great view of her guns as she slowly slid the now very tight garment off of her chest, revealing tits, nips, and a familiar handful of scars.

"Like them?"

"Always have," Catra groaned back, and dived in for a meal.

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