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Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the internet.

I use this partially to keep track of projects, and partially to let others take a look at what I’m up to.

Misc contains a list of media (mostly horny games and webcomics) that I’ve read and enjoyed enough to recommend to other people on the internet.

Don’t mind the autism, it’s part of the charm.

I make things! I intend to make a list of things I can make (etsy-style), also tools I have / have built (“hey can you bring this over next week” style). I might also do an EDC list (“Every Day Carry”, iow stuff I have in my various pockets at all times), partly so people know what they can ask me for or take inspiration for their own kits, but mostly for the fun of it. EDIT: done

I sew stuff. Mostly pockets onto my clothes, sometimes pouches, bags, or clothes from scratch, and the occasional choker or harness. Working chains isn’t really sewing, but I’ll list it here. It is incredibly easy and worthwhile, to the point where I’m kind of annoyed I can’t make all of my clothes myself (EDIT planning on remaking my jacket from scratch). I can offer to make clothes (against cover of material costs and payment depending on complexity), personally I recommend taking a stroll through Deiters (if you live in germany) or a fancy thrift store first - you’ll either find it cheaper and more sentimental (or at least as a foundation to add more stuff to), or at least you can get some inspiration.

I always carry a notebook around, and after a couple years of that I finally bothered to learn how to bind them myself. Also surprisingly easy, and offers a lot of options (always annoyed by ring bindings? paper/cover never the right quality? or maybe you want a very specific paper/cover? a4 is too big, a5 too small? want to mix and match sizes/designs? too few/many bookmarks? not enough inside pockets? want a built-in map?). Smaller (~32 A5 pages w/ cardboard cover) notebooks are quick and easy to make and useful to carry around in a pocket (pockets available separately), I plan to offer them for 10-15€

Note: I update this site semi-regularly, so check in every once in a while to see what’s new (note to self: I should probably also keep track of changes, huh). I write the pages in Markdown and compile them to html with a custom bash/markdown script largely inspired by nrk

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