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The door was locked again. Swift Wind was trotting around in front of one window. Having devastated a part of the royal garden, Melog was idly napping outside the other. Catra was lazily tossing a yarnball with Finn. Adora was trying to read a book. It didn't come naturally to her.

". . . so?"


"You're . . . not mad at me for freeing them?"

"Mh, I told you what I thought of 'trusting them' yesterday. Let's see how much better they've gotten after this helpful favor in good faith. There's still time until sunset to rob us blind, or strangle someone in a corner."

"Catra . . ." She was disappointed with her wife's assumptions, but she was also right to hold them.

"Look, I don't know them as well as you do. And I do know they are a good manipulator. But . . . I had to help them."

"Oh, yes, and I wouldn't understand, poor, wretched soul, I, never believing in redemption. Why, even now I remain skeptical they're not hiding behind the door, waiting to slice our throats."

Adora squinted, almost holding back tears. "Catra. Don't do this to me."

Catra shot her a cocky grin in return. "Then you better be good to me tonight."

Adora almost smiled, not quite daring. "Wait, is that what this is about? Really?"

Catra gave her a noncommittal shrug, not suppressing a smile anymore.

"Why, you feral-!"

A knock came at the door, interrupting her tickle tackle. Both women froze up instinctively.

"The traitor has not been found, and His Majesty King Micah has declared the castle safe. Also, he . . . he wants to speak with Lady Catrina."

In unison, the two looked at each other and raised an eyebrow, and then almost burst into laughter, realizing they had done the exact same thing.

"What for? We already spoke," asked Catra.

"Considering your previous experience with this traitor, His Highness decided you might be useful as an advisor on how to prevent another infiltration."

Catra considered it for a moment. "And?"

". . . I do believe he also wants to know how they managed to get in, Lady Catrina."

With a sigh, Catra disentangled herself from Finn's toy and got up. "Well, looks like our fun will have to wait." She gave Adora a quick kiss. "Thanks for helping me out back there. I hope I won't need it this time."

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