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The hike back up was easier and less treacherous than climbing down the smooth castle walls, yet also more dangerous now that Catra was accompanied by a known criminal that the guards would probably still remember. They had been smart not to show themselves. Despite their wounds, Double Trouble still managed to climb up not unlike a lizard, finding purchase in the tiniest grooves. Catra fared less well - her claws were useful for fighting, but not so much for clawing into rock.

"Sooo . . ." A treacherous voice carried from below her once they were high enough to not be heard over the waves of the lake. "Out of pure interest, what's the little one called?"

"That is none of your business." Catra knew the lizard was trying to get into her head again, and was not in the mood to deal with it while on a cliff face with the barest minimum of safety.

"I mean, since I will most likely be staying around for a while if everything goes well, I thought that I might fulfill my duties as a responsible auncle and whatnot . . ."

"You? Responsible? Pfft."

"Aw, come on, kitten. When have I not executed my scams with flawless perfection? I am always responsibly scamming off people."

"Yeah, thanks. Not really interested in giving them a role model like you."

"'Them'? Why, I think we already have something in common!"

She growled quietly at herself. It really took a lot of effort to watch her words around Double Trouble. "We don't know what they want to be, so we decided to stick with neutral until they are old enough to choose themselves."

". . . I always knew there was a good mother in you."

She hissed downward. "I will kick you, Double Trouble!"

"Heh. Sorry, I had to."

Blissfully, they remained silent for the rest of the way. Catra used the silence to think. They were right - if Micah didn't immediately kill them or send them to Mystacor, Double Trouble would most likely be staying in Brightmoon. Catra wasn't sure how well she could handle that, but something else worried her more. Finn. They knew she had a kid, a family, and they knew how much she cared for them. What would they do with that knowledge? It wouldn't be beneath them to threaten them to get what they wanted from Catra. Then again, if they were staying, they would have to behave, no? Or then again, they could leave once the curse is lifted . . .

". . . Finn."


"Finn Applesauce Meowmeow. Take care of them."

She grabbed the ledge and swung herself up onto the huge balcony. Luckily, there were no guards on the gate, or they would have definitely noticed her. Not looking back at the lizard, she headed in.

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