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The castle was an eerie place at night. She was used to people, casual guards and friends, pink walls and murals. In the dark, it was grey, quiet, and lonely. Pacing around, she found herself on the main balcony, overseeing the small lake at the foot of the castle, and above her, the Moonstone. She had avoided the place for a while after she had settled down here - she still remembered the first time she had met her mother again, how betrayed she had felt because Glimmer had let her walk around, free, even taking advice and lessons from her.

Her cat instincts dragged her out of her nostalgic monologue. A tiny figure at the reiling had moved. Catra crouched a bit, sneaking closer. It was, indeed, the Queen herself, resting her arms on the balcony as she was also lost in thought, looking up at the stars.

Catra walked closer, trying to make some more sound so she didn't surprise her. It seemed to work, as Glimmer looked down and seemed to wipe her face before looking behind her.

"Oh. Hi Catra. I thought you were sleeping?"

"Yeah, well, bad dreams. You're one to speak."

"Probably, I do have to get ready." She chuckled, and looked back up. "It's so crazy to think we were actually up there."

"It was terrible. I still can't believe you actually smashed his ball thingie."

"I'm not sure what I was thinking, to be honest. And the way you were sleazing up on him, I was kinda seeing why you liked the Horde so much."

"Yeah, well, we've both been dumb with power." Catra looked up as well. Tiny sparkly dots, far, far away. They had really been up there. It did put things in perspective.

". . . I should have asked."

"What?" Catra looked back at her. Glimmer was looking at a pavillion, overgrown with vines. A few marigolds still peeked through. "Oh."

"You were right about her. And . . . I'm sorry for what happened."

"Eh. She was a bitch, she deserved it."

"But she was your mother."

Yeah, and Catra still dreamed of her at night, of her cold voice and the black lightning scorching her body. She preferred not to think about it.

". . . I dreamt of mom tonight. The last time we spoke, we had a fight, and . . . I never even got to say goodbye . . ." Glimmer was crying again, not trying to hide it. "I was a terrible daughter."

"Glimmer." Catra took her hand, a plump pink thing, fitting snugly in hers. "You are a great daughter, and a great queen. She would have been proud of you."

Glimmer sniffed and wiped her face with her sleeve, a smile creeping up behind the tears. "Thanks, Catra. I appreciate it."

"You're welcome."

Glimmer held her hand, looking out again, this time at the scenery, the dark forest that surrounded Brightmoon, enveloping and guarding it from all that wanted to harm it.

"You know . . . remember when I threw a party, a few years ago?"

"Where Mermista blurted out she didn't drink because she was pregnant and then forgot about it? Yeah, that was . . . wild."

"I think I saw Double Trouble."

Catra froze up. Yeah, she remembered that all right.

"I mean, I was pretty drunk at that point, and-"

"Nah. It was them."

Glimmer perked up. "You saw them too?"

"We . . . spoke. Apparently, they like crashing parties."

"I can't imagine that conversation ending without bloodshed. I mean, you did tell me about, you know . . ."

"I was a mess. They took advantage of that. And apparently, they liked toying with me enough to come back." Catra sighed, thought back to her time with the crook again. "I almost felt like things were going well for once."

"They are now, though?"

Catra thought for a moment. Eyes like hers, blue and round, and eager to explore. ". . . yeah. I should be going back to Adora."

"Was nice chatting with you!"

"Yup. And uh, good luck on your trip tomorrow?"

"Eh, the trip's the least of my worries. But thanks!"

Catra headed back to her room, an ember of happiness warming her up. She had a family, now, comfortably cuddled in her bed. Friends she could actually trust. Things were going well indeed.

A glint from her bedside table caught her eye. A tiny emerald that definitely wasn't there before was glinting in one of the few moonrays that got through the curtains. A small piece of paper was under it.

Need supplies. Can't talk. Find me in the cave east of the lake. Come alone. Love and kisses, Trouble

Well, so much for going well.

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