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"Don't worry, little one, moma will be back in just a moment-"

A familiar, high-pitched meowl interrupted Adora and gnawed at Catra's heart as she entered the room quietly. Adora was trying to distract Finn with their favorite toy, but to no avail - moma was missing, and they were having none if it. Hiding behind Adora, Catra crawled closer and peeked up from behind her with her best dumb face. Finn's shaky-chin frown turned into a grin, and they giggled back at her. Mission accomplished. Adora turned around in tired confusion. "Oh, Catra, you're back . . . early?"

"Yeah I uuuh forgot my pants," Catra blurted out as she picked up Finn. "Wasn't Flora supposed to be here by now?" she added, hoping not to have to explain her ex-hookups in front of Finn.

"Yeah, I helped Perfuma and Scorpia unpack just five, minutes . . ." Adora trailed off and frowned, noticing something didn't add up but not yet quite noticing what. Quick, a distraction!

"I know it's bad timing, but some stuff came up with Micah and Trouble that I wanted to discuss, and that's nothing you need to know, is it teeny one? It's just too old and complicated for you, isn't it?"

"Okay yeah I can bring Finn- wait, why aren't you wearing pants?"

Catra's cooing stopped abruptly. Finn kept giggling as an embarrassed blush spread on her face.

". . . I'll go see how Perfuma is doing."

"Greet Scorpia for me." Catra handed Finn over, an intricate maneuver involving grimacing, at least two toys, and a ball of yarn.

"And you can have a shower I guess? You look sweaty."

"I can imagine," Catra nodded awkwardly. "I'll need more than a shower, though . . . "

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