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"So, what's the plan for now?"

"Well . . ." caressed her shoulder with a disproportionately long finger. "I wasn't joking when I said I was going to trust you. Which is why I came back to tell you I'm leaving for Thaymore, instead of running off first chance I got."


"Yeees . . ." Gently, they pushed her back into an alcove. "Though, come to think of it . . . I could spare a minute, if you really want me to stay longer?" Their voice had gone from the high and stilted of a guard to the low and sultry Catra remembered from the Horde. And she'd be lying to herself if she said she didn't remember it fondly.

". . . oh, you tricky lizard, you know just what to say to me . . ." She grabbed their nape and pushed her lips onto theirs. It was slightly off-putting that they were still a guard, but she didn't care. That voice awoke things in her - things that got her wet faster than she cared to admit.

They chuckled, still in that damned guttural voice. "Aw, is my kitty needy? I thought you said you didn't want this?"

She took a deep breath, trying to calm down. Only too late did she realize her mistake - their voice she could stand if she tried, but their damn smell . . . A scaly tail wrapped itself around her leg, squeezing lightly.

"So? What shall it be?" Their dainty fingers danced around her waist, their form shifting to better accommodate her in the narrow space. She was painfully aware how the control over the situation was slipping away from her, unable to stop it after how much she had exerted herself while breaking down. She wanted to be used and taken care of, not to have another damn talk with that stupid king! Despite how much she hated to admit it, Double Trouble did know her best.

"Damn you, you know what I want . . ." Her breath was hot and ragged. Once again, the constricted space did not help. Their fingers hooked into the waist of her pants, gently circling around to the front, teasing her ever so slowly as their tail danced its way up her leg . . . Still awkwardly hugging them with one arm, she reached up with the other, grabbed their blond mohawk, and yanked down.

They almost moaned. Almost. As usual, they had incredible control over themselves, and turned it into a deep chuckle instead. "Oh? Trying to be forceful? I could be your bitch if you wanted me to, but I have a feeling you want someone more . . ." A hand finally slipped under her pants, and gave her butt a rough squeeze. "Dominant."

"Just fuck me already!" Catra begged, almost too loud. As if to reprimand her, a door creaked at the far-off end of the corridor, and a pair of footsteps started approaching.

She could feel them grinning. Despite her fogged mind, she realized exactly where this was headed. She knew she was supposed to be afraid of being found out, but she was beyond caring. In a perverted way, it turned her on even more as their tantalizing hands did quick job of her belt and dropped her pants in a quick motion. "Then stay quiet." Despite the easy access, their hands slid back up, under her shirt and onto her pert chest, teasing her with nails scratching through her fur.

"Trouble, I don't care what it is, just put something in me-" Their mouth locked onto hers, telling her to be quiet as they kept teasing her more and more. Unlike her rough approach, Double Trouble knew how to kiss much better - for some reason she didn't bother contemplating -, their forked tongue prying her lips apart and probing in her mouth.

The lack of air did not make things better. Despite the cool breeze outside, she was drenched in sweat. Left with no other choice, she leaned herself forward, pressing her cunt against their leg and rubbing needily. Chuckling against her, they pushed their leg up, a hand grabbing her butt again and pushing her along, nails digging in. "Be my bitch."

Another door opened, this time at the other end of the corridor. "Where is she?" asked the figure with the footsteps. "Not in her room!" answered the one at the door. "Apparently, she just left." "Ugh, the king is not going to be happy," commented the footsteps figure, now mere feet from their hiding place.

Their tail wrapped around hers, keeping it still. "Hear this, kitten? It's you they're looking for. I wonder, what would they do if they knew what state you were currently in?"

Catra frantically shook her head, her short mane swishing around.

"Better be quiet, then." They leaned into her neck, a slick tongue, wet with her own saliva, ticking along her throat and collarbone. The footsteps stopped what must have been right before their hiding place. "Think the shifter took her?"

"And risk coming back in here? Nah, they weren't that stupid." A line of sharp teeth ever so slowly slid through her slick fur, and started sinking into her skin. Still trembling around their knee, Catra pressed her own mouth against their neck, silencing a yelp and biting in. If they even felt it, they did not react. The smell, amplified by their blonde mohawk, flooded her nose, making her even dizzier.

"Well, last time they spoke ended in a wrecked door. Maybe she needed a moment to get ready." Their hand slid aside, grabbing her tail and teasing behind it. She didn't care where, she just needed them inside her now. Her panties must have been dripping down her legs. Or was it sweat?

"Yeah. Man, she needs help. Remember when she first came here? She thought we were gonna kill her." She awkwardly wrapped her arms around them and pressed them close with as strong a grip as she could still manage, trying to get herself off as fast as possible without making a sound.

"She's gotten a lot better, though. That blonde really takes good care of her." Finally! Steps echoed as the figures started moving again, somehow without having noticed the two lovebirds in the nearby alcove. Catra was gasping for air before the door even closed.

"Are you close, kitten?"

She grabbed their hips, claws out. She didn't know what they were thinking, but she was gonna have this. They had played their tricks, and now it was her time to-

"Glad to hear it." Effortlessly, they slipped out of the alcove and Catra's grasp, leaving her stumbling against the wall, all the pressure that held her up leaving her body and letting her slouch on the ground. She had to gasp for air until her breath calmed down enough to let her talk.

"Double Trouble-!" A click of their tongue stopped all further protests. Now that they were away from her, she took a good look at their usual, sassy green form. They were grinning with joy at their new toy, and beckoning it closer with a finger. Begrudgingly, she stumbled out of the alcove, feet like sweaty jelly. Some part of her remembered that she wasn't wearing pants, but she didn't care.


"Let me have it, gods damn it."

"Have what?"

She looked around, suddenly embarrassed at her predicament. When did they find the time to put her own pants on? She hugged herself, hoping it would help against how vulnerable she felt.

"I couldn't hear that."

"Make me . . . make me cum . . ."

"Aw, you can do better than that."

She should have lashed out at them. Clawed at that perfect face. Or at least growled. The voice deep inside her seethed with rage as she awkwardly sank to her knees. "Make me cum . . . please."

"Much better." Their heels clicked on the marble floor as they circled her, like a predator ogling their prey. Their tail casually flicked against her hip - not enough to hurt, but enough to humiliate her just a little more. They knew she wouldn't retaliate.

"Take them off."

"What?" She turned around to glance at them, but they were gone. Turning back, they had squatted down to her eye level, face blank. "Take them off," they repeated plainly. She looked around awkwardly, doubts from moments earlier creeping back in. "D-Double Trouble, we are in the middle of a-"

A hand darted out, faster than she could follow in her daze. Before she could stop herself, a loud moan escaped her. In almost panic, she covered her mouth as they withdrew their hand from her nipple.

"Take. Them. Off."

She needed it. She needed them. She didn't care if the guards saw her, or if Micah himself walked in on them, she needed this. Still wobbly, she stood up, and grabbed her panties.

"Turn around."

She looked up, a bit confused at the order. Their face was still blank. Whether they could shapeshift into an actual mask, or if they had just that good a control over their expressions, she didn't know, but it scared her. And, given how horny she already was, it turned her on as well.

Slowly, she turned around. It didn't make things better. That face had seemed like a rock, but now that she had no idea what they were doing . . . she slowly pulled her hands down. The drenched fabric clung to her skin, so she had to peel it off. It was an ugly sensation, with her fur in the way. She had to wiggle her butt to get it out - she wasn't sure whether because of the sweat or her horny sap. A hand came down on it, so hard it stung. She clenched her teeth and didn't give in this time, but the slap was loud enough to alert anyone in the vicinity. She took a deep breath, hissing between still-clenched teeth.

"Like what you see?"

"Do I. Keep going, I don't have all day."

She kept snaking out of them, slowly pulling them down. She wanted nothing more than to rip them off and be used, but she hung onto that single thread of brattyness and disobedience. Despite her best attempts, they didn't touch her again, only making her seem like she was begging for it. To hell with it - she was begging. She needed to be used, to be put in her place, and withholding it from her for so long was almost enough to make her go insane. She could almost think clearly, when she bent down to slip them off her feet and to give them a good look of her wet sex, she was completely aware and unfazed of what she was doing - and still, she did it. Still, she shook her hips, aware what it made her look like. And somewhere deep inside, in a part she didn't bother resisting, she liked it.

With a cocky smile, she spun around, spreading her legs a bit to show off - and freezing in place, tail flat against her legs. They weren't eager like she expected them to be, or needy like her. They looked like they would snap her in half. She should not have danced around like a whore. She should have taken them off and done as told.

A hand reached out halfway, two dainty fingers pointed at her. She put the soggy rag on them, awkwardly closing her legs and covering herself.

"Spread 'em."

Trembling, she spread her legs again with an ugly sensation as her wet fur split again. Staring her right in the eye, they brought her soggy underwear to their perfect nose and took a deep breath. "Hm, smells like slut in here."

Her tail curled up, catching a few drops. It was going to be so hard to wash that off, a part of her thought.

"And you sure look like one."

"I'm not," she answered without thinking.

"Really? This was too easy, then. Are you sure you don't want me to continue?"

". . . yes . . ."

"Oh, so you do want me to finish you off. Just like the slut we both know you are."

"Just do it already . . ."

"You know, I just might. Depends on how well you beg, though. And I kind of already had plans for the evening . . ."

Her legs were already shaking, with pent-up arousal, exhaustion, and a tinge of fear. Slowly, she knelt down. "M- may I please come?"

With a playful grin and a wink, they shifted back in their guard persona, pocketing her underwear in the process. "In Thaymore." And before she could call out after them, they were gone.

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